Saturday, 29 July 2017

Hello! Remember me?

Boy! It has been awhile since I was here. I think I fell off the face of Blogland but I am back. It's the last Blue Saturday of the year and I haven't done any. So, this morning I tried to get my sewing mojo going by taking care of the 365 Challenge quilt.

Remember this?

That was when I couldn't finish the corner because I was missing one block. Last week I hunted down the missing block. Apparently, it wasn't missing. It has never been made as only 71 blocks were and not 72. But on the 3rd of July, there's the pattern for the Temple Court block.

So I made one this morning and ... oops, it's sideways. Anywho! I was able to finish the corner.


So there's my blue story for July. I still have a lot of yellow blocks for June and now July too needs more blocks made. Cheese!! Anyone out there has a day or two too many that I could buy off? Anyone?  Really! No one? Darn!

Until next time .... yes, yes, eventually I will show you why I am not spending a lot of time in my sewing room, beside the garden. It does involve this

and a new toy!


Joining RSC's queen Angela at Soscrappy.

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