Sunday, 4 June 2017

Stop the dithering and start slow stitching!

Those of you who follow my blog might remember that I had an important decision to make regarding t my Ohio Star Shadow quilt. (See this post.)

Well after much dithering I finally made up my mind because I was tired of waiting for Plan B (B as in better) to show up.

The neglected 4 patches between the feathers have a home-made design.

Like so.

This is my template cut out of a green acetate sheet. Why on Earth did we had green acetate? Anywho!!

As you can see, it fits perfectly within the 4 patches. Yay! The slow stitching may now resume and not a moment too soon as they are calling for rain today ... again! Anyone out there needs some rain? Come and get it. Please, come and get it! Not much is growing around here. Anywho! Let's be grateful. My roof doesn't leak, my tummy is full, my family's healthy and I can afford sewing; life is good!

Until next time ....


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