Saturday, 3 June 2017

So little to show

I don't know where my time is spent but very little seems to be spent at the sewing machine. I have a little bit to show you this week. In green still.

The yellow roses fabric used as backdrop for the photo is as old as I am or very close. As far as I can remember, this fabric was in my mother's house. Curtains and tea towels. Cotton was different back then. She must have bought the entire bolt. The little bits all have green in them even though it doesn't show up very good in this picture. Blame the photographer. :^D

The 9 Patch blocks got framed.

Gorgeous fabric of little Nemo and friends received from Joyful Quilter. Thanks Joy.

Mexican Mouse playing guitar.

Ugly fabric of veggies. Hope it will look better once it's surrounded by others.

This is another fabric from my mother's stash. It happens to have a lot of yellows in it. Can I call this one the transitional block?

Group photo. And that's the end of my sewing effort for this week.

Check out all the others green and/or yellow blocks at Angela's place, Soscrappy.
On Sunday, I'll be with Cynthia, Quilting is more Fun than Housework.
Then I'll travel to the UK to meet with Nicki at Mrs Sew & Sow.

Until next time. ..


P.S. Look what I got. Spoiling myself a little bit.

Bonnie K. Hunter came to my house. YAY!!! Of course I also bought some fabric, I'll show you later.

It's Flannel Season

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