Sunday, 28 May 2017

Playing with greens

The weather was so nice (finally) that I wanted to spent the entire day outside (yesterday). My back gave me permission so I did. I played with green shrubs that needed to be moved to the backyard and planted some flowers. I had a wonderful time. After awhile, I started to sport a nice sunburn so inside I went to play with more greens in my sewing room.

Hole in the Barn Door looks pretty in green. Managed to make a few little 9 Patch blocks too.

Seven green hourglass for my second RSC2017 project.

More greens to come as I haven't done the framed 9 Patch yet.

I am late linking up with Angela at Soscrappy due to camera issues. Haven't bought a battery for it yet. It is now Sunday morning and I am still trying to upload pictures!!
But I am right on time to meet with Cynthia at Quilting is More Fun than Housework. 

Until next time ...   my back is still agreeable this morning so you'll find me outside again today. Yay!


It's Flannel Season

One of the glorious mornings we had this week. (No, it's not snow on the ground, just frost.) In real life, the sky was more orange ...