Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Do you see the rainbow?

Angela from So Scrappy, asked those who are participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge "to admire your accomplishments and share your progress" so far this year. So this is my progress on making this block which I don't know the name (another one of those lol!).

At first there was

January blues, followed by

February pinks,

March yellows,

April purples ...

That's it?

At this point, I kind of fell off the wagon. At work, I was transferred to another department with a very heavy workload and I was just to tired to sew in the evening. Next thing I know, we are at the end of June and I've missed a few colours.

Yesterday, I had a day off and I tried to catch up a little bit. Here's where I'm at now.
Some greens ... two more still to do

But did two reds to compensate !  :^D

And a blooper ... well of course I had to produce one of those lol !!

That's it?

NO light blue?

Nope! I haven't done any yet and I think I won't. Why? Because I think I will go with teal and aqua instead. I have enough of light blue and dark blue on my Design Wall at the moment lol.

So all together NOW ...

It is definitively not the final layout as there's waaaaaayyyyy to many pinks in the bottom right corner.   Hmmmm... I seem to be missing some blues. There are 7 in the first picture and only 4 in the group picture. Oh!  what are the pesky boys up to now? Smoking the boys' room again? LOL.

Do take a few minutes to check out more Rainbow quilt progress on Angela's blog,  right here. After all the rain we had, it is nice to see a rainbow or two!  :^)

Don't forget to check out Scraptastic Tuesday with Nicky, right here!  There's always a lot of interesting things going on at her place too.

Until next time ...


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